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  • 2012/12/10 Website renewal.
  • 2012/02/08 Update of taxonomic data of the Tetragnathidae (Araneae).
  • 2012/01 Running a test site of the database for entomological literature.
  • 2011/03 The launch of a service
  • The Insect Inventory Search Engine (IISE) is a database system to promote utilization and application of the resources on entomology of NIAES Insect Museum.

    Database for entomological information
    IISE comprises taxon and specimen databases. Taxon database is composed of taxon data (in each category to species or subspecies) and information associated with each taxon (e.g., morphology, distribution, and ecology) on insects, spiders, and plants fed by insects. There are two ways for searching taxa, one is using key words and another is searching from tree of higher classification. Specimen database contains label data, taxon data, and images of specimens mostly deposited in the NIAES Insect Museum. Collection of the museum includes not only general specimens, but type specimens, voucher specimens, and ethanol-preserved specimens for DNA extraction.

    This database consists of information on entomological literature. Literature data is linked with data of taxa and specimens which were treated in each publication.

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